Osteoarthritis Treatment at SF Stem Cell Treatment Center

Osteoarthritis Treatment

What is Osteoarthritis?

stem cell osteoarthritis treatmentOsteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disease characterized by the breakdown of articular cartilage, potentially causing stiffness, pain, and decreased range of motion in the joints. Despite the fact that over 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with OA of varying degrees of severity per year, there are limited conventional options for patients to heal the affected area.

Traditionally, doctors have only sought to diminish the pain and minimize disability with various pharmaceuticals, physical therapy and steroids. In more severe cases, many Americans have turned to complete joint replacement. Invasive surgery generally takes weeks to months of painful recovery, and coupled with potential adverse side effects, which may not be optimal for many patients. Those suffering from OA who have ruled out joint replacement surgery may consider a Stem Cell procedure, which has typically, a day of recovery with fewer and less severe side effects.

Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment: An Alternative to Joint Replacement

At San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center, we use Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are taken from the patient’s own adipose tissue by performing a mini-liposuction procedure under local anesthetic. Since these cells are from the patient, the patient’s immune system will not reject the cells. MSCs are known for promoting musculoskeletal healing (tendon, cartilage, bone, and ligament). More specifically, they have the potential for articular cartilage regeneration. Once the MSCs from the adipose tissue are harvested, these MSCs are then reinjected into the patient’s body at the affected site, which helps stimulate the self-healing process of i.e., knee joint cartilage. Only local anesthetic is necessary, and the patient is able to walk out of the clinic by themselves with the guidance of a companion, with little or no down time.

The majority of our cases we are treating are for the knee, and if requested, we are able to treat both knees on the same day, as well as shoulders, hips, and many spine issues.

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Patient Testimonial:

36 year old with osteoarthritis in the knee, had menisectomy and then followed with a stem cell procedure, now @ 6 months after the stem cell procedure.

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