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Welcome to The San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center

The San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center (SFSCTC) is one of the only integrative medicine clinics performing stem cell therapies in the U.S. Founded by Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz.

Taking full appreciation of advances in Regenerative Medicine requires a strategy. One that delves into a comprehensive view of the principles behind how our cells heal, how our cells communicate with one another, and what health parameters matter the most.

Our integrative approach towards Regenerative Medicine has evolved over the past five years and we feel we are leaders in the field of optimization, localization, and activation of stem cells and other Regenerative Medicine approaches. Our strategy is designed from the outset to provide better Regenerative healthcare while advancing overall knowledge. We ask how best to assess each patient, how best to treat and optimize each patient, how best to predict outcomes, and how best to prevent adverse outcomes. Our approach is interdisciplinary, and includes patients and their families as active participants.

SFSCTC offers non-surgical options for individuals with pain and disability, as well as newer, emerging strategies for age-related conditions.

Visit our YouTube Channel to view patient testimonials and more presentations by Dr. Herskowitz.

Stem cell therapies have not yet been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. You are encouraged to consult with your primary care physician prior to undergoing a stem cell therapy.

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Stem Cell Therapy VIP Seminar


Stem Cell Therapy VIP Seminar


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